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Will we be put on a waiting list?

No, at Worcester Therapy Group we feel it is important to be seen as soon as you are ready to talk about your problems as a couple. Initial Assessments are available within a two week window and if you are flexible as to when you can come along then ongoing counselling can be arranged soon after your assessment.

How many sessions do we need?

Most couples come for a minimum of 5 sessions, but how many you will need very much depends on your individual issues and circumstances. It is really important to be open-minded and flexible at the start of the process to gain the maximum benefits longer term.

What if it doesn't work?

Some couples find it very difficult to compromise and so the process of counselling is disrupted and perhaps ultimately unsuccessful. Despite this we find that something important has been communicated and individuals can take away insights that go on to inform their relationships in the future.

What if my partner doesn't want to come along?

This is a very common problem, one partner is perhaps more sceptical that talking can help. They might feel that the Counsellor will take sides, particularly if infidelity is the issue. The therapist will provide a safe, non judgmental space where each person can be heard and supported and any concerns can be discussed during the initial assessment.

Will it save our relationship?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that counselling will prevent a relationship breaking down. However in our experience Couples Counselling always makes a positive difference to how two people relate to each other, and it is almost as important to have a ‘good divorce’ as it is to rebuild a relationship.

Can I talk to someone on my own?

It is often part of the Couples Counselling process that each partner has the opportunity to talk independently to the counsellor. It may also lead to one or another partner having long term individual therapy as the process may uncover some deep rooted problems. At Worcester Therapy Group we have a wide variety of therapists each with their own specialism and so we are confident we can always help with any issues that may arise.

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